A fundamental element in the history of Focolare is the ‘Mariapolis’ and in particular those first summer gatherings in the Dolomites, Italy.  These began as simple holidays in the mountains for the men and women focolarini. Over time this became the ‘Mariapolis’ – or summer gathering of Focolare, so characteristic of the movement now all over the world.


Why a European Mariapolis?

Looking at the current situation on the European continent, we asked ourselves what contribution the Focolare Movement could give to Europe, which is currently going through a deep crisis. One answer could be to offer many people from different backgrounds the opportunity to live a family experience together, days in which they can experience how it is possible to live in daily life by making listening, dialogue, gratuity and giving the basis of every relationship… What better place to live this experience than in a Mariapolis?

In short: the European Mariapolis  is to be an experience of fraternity and peace, where each person discovers the shared beauty of Europe in its diversity.

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