A fundamental element in the history of Focolare is the ‘Mariapolis’ and in particular those first summer gatherings in the Dolomites, Italy.  These began as simple holidays in the mountains for the men and women focolarini. Over time this became the ‘Mariapolis’ – or summer gathering of Focolare, so characteristic of the movement now all over the world.

Sixty years after the last of those large summer gatherings in the Dolomites, the mountains will once more be the setting for a ‘Mariapolis’ – this time drawing together thousands of people from all over Europe. The gathering will run for a month beginning 14th July 2019, with participants alternating from week to week according to language groupings, beginning the 14th July and running until 11th August.

Why a European Mariapolis?

Faced with what appears to be a profound crisis in Europe, the Focolare movement considered what small contribution its own people could give towards rebuilding the unity of the continent. One answer was to give the opportunity to people from varied backgrounds to live a holiday experience of family together, where listening, dialogue and a ‘no strings attached’ sentiment is placed at the basis of day to day relationships.

What better place to live this experience than at a Mariapolis?

In short: Mariapolis 2019  is to be an experience of fraternity where each person discovers the shared beauty of Europe in its diversity.

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