Aim High !

P1060684WELCOME to the official website for the European Mariapolis 2019! 

The first European Mariapolis, organised by the Focolare Movement, started on 14th July. Tonadico and the whole Primiero Valley (Dolomites, Italy) hosted more than 2800 people from all over Europe until 11th August 2019, exactly where the first ‘Mariapolis’ was held seventy years ago. Title of the event: ​”Aim High​”!

gif_animate_bullet_05Maria Voce_ a commitment to unity among peoples

At the end of the European Mariapolis, Maria Voce reiterated the value and relevance of the commitment to unity among peoples made 60 years ago. The Focolare President’s full text.


Live in the heart of the Mariapolis on Facebook ….. and with some pictures!